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Story Mode

Game Style: Gauntlet

A rival Dojo has taken the Grand master. It'll take all your courage and wits to track down the Dojo who did it.

Take your team of Shaolin Guards through a gauntlet of all four game styles.

First (1) your team must tear through hoards of fearsome foes in a match of Bloodshed.

Second (2) They must infiltrate the enemies Dojo.

Third (3) With the Grand Master in sight, play a match of Enlightenment to bring them to safety.

Fourth (4) with The team at full power, the last thing to do is escape. 

Take your Five Guards and topple the Grand Masters opposing you.

The only way through is  Duel.

Story mode can be played with 6 players until the Fourth and Final Showdown match.

The only way to determine who fights in the finally, is by tallying up the different points won at the end of each match. 

Typically the first, and second place match point winners Duel.

There may be a tie between points. If this is the case the following instances can be observed.

  • ​Between two - three players - play against each other

  • Between Four players - The three objective winners participate in the final duel.

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