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I was sure this wouldn’t get to you in time...


 The Grand Master has been kidnapped… 

We need your help.

Choose your path to victory as you battle up to 5 of your friends, in four different game modes of hair raising arena combat.

Master the moves of the Shaolin Styles, scaling into Dojos, warring between nations, and recapturing the Grand Master from imminent danger.

A Game of Showdowns, Strategy and Styles.

Shaolin Chess, Available soon!

Please be patient while our manufacturing relocates and we update our pieces.

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Game Styles

Game Styles

Click on each game style to get a small description. 

Autumn Leaves
Image by Jakob Owens
Autumn Road

Extra game modes will be added periodically, at no additional charge.

Creative Lead
Game maker

Sean grew up all over Texas.  Family and college took him back and forth from Austin to Houston and now he's settled down with his wife Ashley in Bastrop, where they spend time crafting new ideas, and playing games.

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Sean Mitchell


Creative Assistant

Ashley also grew up all over Texas. Her thrifty and creative passions have led her to Bastrop to be with her family to help cultivate their dreams of owning a homestead farm, and to start a family.

Ashley Mitchell
Rick Watson green jacket smile.jpg

Rick Watson

Editor, writer, musician, actor lives in Austin with his wife, Angela, and leads the country soul act, Hog Branch Groove Band. You can reach him at and


Kevin Wrice

Kevin is a freelance Computer Animator working out of Houston with a specialization in rigging. A recent graduate of Sam Houston State University, he is working to expand his professional experience in the field.



Autumn McGowan

Autumn is a Louisiana native who has had the pleasure of living and working all over the great state of Texas. Currently she is living in San Marcos with her furry son, Angus and pursuing a degree in Journalism and Communications from Texas State University.



chinh nguyen huu

Huu Chinh currently lives in Hanoi, Vietnam. They currently specialize as a Freelance Artist for Background, game concept, and Character Character design.

Get in contact with them at the following:

Special Thanks to...

Bryan "Warrior" Barden

Iris Mobius

Jared Priddy 

Carole Reynolds

Produced and developed by

Atiptoe Conceptions LLC

Made In Bastrop, Texas U.S.A.

No Part of this product may be reproduced without specific permission

2020 All rights reserved.

Atiptoe Conceptions LLC


Shaolin Chess came from wanting a pure strategy game, one that required cunning and courage. a game that required you to take risks, sacrifice and keep moving forward, rather than rely on cash or the roll of a dice.

I admit, at first the game seems challenging, but if you keep in mind it is only two pages worth of instructions, you'll soon realize the game is driven by the movesets.


i did my best to capture the strengths of the most iconic shaolin styles and put them into a team called "the 5 Guards", focusing on the Tiger, Crane, Snake, Dragon, and Monkey styles.

There are 4 basic game styles you can choose from, each one derived and inspired from classic game modes like, Capture the flag, king of the hill, and death match. (Found Above)


most game styles can be set into team matches, or you can just brawl it out in a free for all. so there's incredible diversity within the game.


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