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Shaolin Chess, coming soon!


I was almost sure this wouldn’t get to you...


 The Grand Master has been kidnapped… 

Choose your path to victory as you battle up to 5 of your friends, in five different game modes of hair raising arena combat.

Master the moves of the Shaolin Styles, scaling into Dojos, warring between nations, and recapturing the Grand Master from imminent danger.

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The "5 Guards"

Shaolin Chess Has six beautiful characters to master:

  • The Tiger – Is strong and fierce.

  • The Dragon – Is proud and passionate.

  • The Crane – Is graceful and cutting.

  • The Snake – Is cunning and precise.

  • The Monkey – Is wild and unpredictable.

  • The Master – Is stoic and precise.

Each character is a Master in their own right... But the real master is the one who lives to fight another day.


Game Modes

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Free for all
Show Down

Who, and Why?

My Name is Sean...

        Some of my favorite memories are of watching late night martial arts movies with my family, and gaming with my friends. 

        And although I love chess for its pure strategy, its biggest weakness is that it only allows for two players at a time, making it pretty flat at parties.

           Shaolin chess allows for up to 6 players at a time, and the move sets are fairly easy. a whole family could learn to play in a night, So there's no reason for someone to be hovering over your shoulder, they can just sit down and join the next match.

After about a year and a half, of thinking, play testing, making lean, fattening up and starting over I've finally found a place I can call almost there.